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Library Services

Basic resources available at the library include:

  • books, magazines, newspapers, CDs, DVDs, video games, board games, and more!
  • telephone & in-person reference service

Computers & Printing

The library has public Internet computers available on a first come, first served basis. Time on the computers are limited to half-hour increments. If no one is waiting for a computer, your half-hour increments can be renewed for up to 3 hours per day. Users of the library’s public Internet computers must comply with the library’s Internet Use Policy.

We also have laptops available for use within the library and for check out.

The public computers and laptops print to a public copier.8.5 x 11 Copies cost $.10 per page/side in black and white and $.25 per page/side for color.

Need help printing at the library? Staff are happy to help! Or, try one of the videos below:

Copiers & FAX

Please see the Equipment Use Policy for more information.

eBook & eReader Support

The library provides free eBooks and audiobooks via Wisconsin’s Digital Library and Hoopla. Library staff are happy to help you access this digital collection with your eReader, and it is most helpful when seeking assistance to bring your device to the library for one-on-one, device-specific sessions. Please keep in mind that it is difficult for library staff to keep up with the huge variety of devices currently available on the market. We will do our best, but cannot guarantee that all staff will be able to assist with every device. Help is also available on the Wisconsin Digital Library website.

Interlibrary Loan

Our online catalog, InfoSoup, represents the collections of 50 public libraries in northeast Wisconsin. Most of your needs will be satisfied by searching InfoSoup, but if you’re looking for something that isn’t included there, we can try to borrow what you need from libraries outside of the OWLSnet consortium. Use WISCAT to search hundreds of libraries throughout Wisconsin and request items not owned in InfoSoup.


The library makes laptops available to library card holders to assist in their research, networking, document and presentation production needs. Laptops are provided according to availability and are intended for people who require extended computer use beyond what the public Internet computers allow.

Laptops are available for in-library use and check out by library card holders in good standing.

Laptop borrowers must comply with the Laptop Lending Policy, and Internet Use Policy. Please read these policies before requesting a laptop.

If you have any questions, please contact the library. The laptops print to a central copier in the staff workroom. Please come to the check-out desk to ask for your copies. Copies cost $.10 per page in black and white and $.25 per page for color.

Meeting Rooms

Meeting Rooms are available in the Gerard H. Van Hoof Civic Center, right across the hall from the library. Call or see a staff member to book a room.  View our Meeting Room Policy for more information.


Notary services are available free of charge. Please call in advance to see if our Notary is available.


The library also offers a program of home delivery of library items to people who are homebound. A person may have a temporary or a permanent situation that requires delivery of library items directly to that person’s home. Contact us to obtain more information or to set up home delivery. We will try to match your reading, listening, and viewing needs to the scope of the library’s collection.


Tutors are available through the Fox Valley Literacy Coalition and meet in conference rooms in the library. Contact the Literacy Coalition at 920.991.9840 for more information.


The library provides free public WiFi. Look for the network name “Library Guest” when inside the library. Users of the library WiFi should comply to the library’s Equipment Use Policy.